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Along the pedestrian street Malay Konushennaya

lcome to the tour or walk along Malaya Konushennaya Street (Big Stables street), through the literary scene of one of the first pedestrian streets of St Petersburg. «Artistic images are around us. And so, the writers get inspiration from outside world!» — Anna Akhmatova said. Centuries have passed, and we can still get in touch with the world where the creators of Golden, Silver Age in Literature and their heroes lived. During our tour we try to answer the question «Can Malaya Konushennaya Street have a cult status on the «literary» map of the city?»

Can we call the street «Iconic»? It has become a symbol of Literary Saint-Petersburg? Each building in the street can tell a lot about those well-known people who have ever lived there and glorified Saint-Petersburg!

The places we are passing and talking about:

  • the monument to Gogol;
  • the oldest educational establishment in Saint-Petersburg — St Petri-Schule;
  • visit the «Writers’ underscrapper» or «Multisuffering house».

N.B. Is not available on Monday, entrance fee is not included.

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