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Duration 3 days
Price 320

Three-day Perfect Tour in St Petersburg

We invite you to spend 3 days in Saint Petersburg — the Northern capital of Russia.

Tour duration: 7 hours × 3 days.

Tour options

You can choose between several package options. They differ in the number and sequence of the sights you prefer to see during three days of your tour. During the tour we mostly travel by car, but for some parts we can switch to walking, public transportation and boats.

St Petersburg 3-day itinerary includes

  • City tour with a visit to St. Peter and Paul’s Fortress.
  • The Hermitage.
  • The Yusupov Palace.
  • The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.
  • Saint Alexander Nevsky Monastery.
  • Catherine Palace with famous Amber Room and park ensemble.
  • Fountain Gardens of Peterhof.
  • Pavlovsk Palace ensemble.
  • Faberge museum.
  • Gorgeous stations of the St Petersburg Underground.

Here is an example of the 3-day program in St Petersburg for you-any changes or alterations are welcome.

The 1st day:

  • 9.00 the beginning of the tour (from the hotel or the ship where the guide and the driver wait for you with the nameplate);
  • 9.00-10.00 city-tour with photo-stops;
  • 10.00-11.00 visiting historical place St Peter and Paul’s Cathedral;
  • 11.00-12.00 visiting the church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood;
  • 12.00-12.30 walking along Nevsky prospect enjoying part of the city;
  • 13.00-14.00 boat ride along numerous rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg;
  • 14.00-15.00 lunch time;
  • 15.00-16.30 visiting Yusupov Palace the place where Rasputin was assassinated;
  • 16.30-17.00 driving back to the ship/hotel.

The 2nd day:

  • 9.00 the itinerary begins;
  • 9.00-10.00 drive to Peterhof — summer residence of the Russian Royal Family;
  • 10.00-11.00 excursion to the Great Palace of the Romanovs;
  • 11.00-12.00 walking in the park enjoying beautiful fountains;
  • 12.00-13.00 lunch time;
  • 13.00-13.30 drive back to the city by hydrofoil (high speed boat);
  • 14.00-16.00 visiting Hermitage museum;
  • 16.00-17.00 driving back to the ship/hotel.

The 3rd day:

  • 9.00 the beginning of the program;
  • 9.00-10.30 drive to Pushkin — summer residence of the Russian Royal family;
  • 10.30-12.00 visiting Catherine’s Palace including Amber Study;
  • 12.00-12.30 walking in the park;
  • 12.30-13.30 lunch time;
  • 13.30-14.30 drive back to the city;
  • 14.30-15.30 visiting Faberge museum;
  • 15.30-16.30 drive back to the ship/hotel.

We would be glad to arrange your evening out. It can be a romantic boat trip along the Neva River, tickets to opera, ballet, or a folk show.

The 3-day tour in St Petersburg includes:

  • a/c car;
  • professional guide;
  • tickets to all museums.

Price for three days

Number of people
Euro (per person)
Dollars (per person)

Visa (so called tour ticket for cruise passenger) and all port fees costs 40 USD per person.
We also offer additional services, for example airport transfer from Pulkovo to city center or the creation of an individual program for you. Please fill out the contact form on the contact page to order the services.


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