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Duration 9 hours
Price 250$

1 Day Pushkin and Peterhof Tour

Availability: except Monday and Tuesday.

What you will do during the Pushkin and Peterhof tour:

  • drive to the suburb of Saint-Petersburg — Pushkin by car for about one hour;
  • explore the former summer residence of the royal family;
  • enjoy superior Baroque interior designs of the palace;
  • marvel the «Wonder of the world» — Amber study;
  • stroll through the French style park around the palace;
  • travel about one hour by car to another suburb of Saint-Petersburg — Peterhof;
  • explore the official summer residence of the royal family «Great Palace»;
  • enjoy glorious view of the lower park from the palace;
  • walk through the park among the great number of fountains;
  • come back to the city center by car.

What to expect from the Pushkin and Peterhof tour

Travel by car to the town of Pushkin — a little suburb of St Petersburg. Visit Catherine’s Palace the official residence of the Romanovs. Another name of the place is Tsarskoye Selo, which is translated into English like Tsar’s village. The palace is a great example of Russian architecture of the 18th century. It is built in Russian Baroque by the Italian architect F.B.Rastrelli. The main point of interest is of course the world famous Amber Room. A room, where the whole surface of the walls is covered with natural amber. This interior is unique. Nowhere in the world one can see anything like that.

After visiting the Palace we drive one hour to the small town «Peterhof» that is 30 km from Pushkin. Visit the former summer Palace of the Romanovs and admire exquisite Baroque and Rococo designs. Stroll through the landscaped parks of the Russian tsars of the 18th century. Create an imposing impression from the Lower and the Upper Parks from the palace’s marble terrace; enjoy magnificent views over the Grand Cascade, made up of staggering waterfalls, more than 60fountains, and 37 elaborate statues. Encounter the chessboard Chess Mountain, trees disguised as umbrellas, and a fountain that sprays anyone unlucky enough to step on a particular paving stone. The palace and its grounds have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are among the most popular tourist attractions in St Petersburg. Take a car back to the city.


9.00 the tour begins

9.00-10.00 driving to Pushkin (the former summer residence of the Royal Family)

10.00-11.30 visiting Catherine Palace including Amber Study

11.30-12.30 walking in the park of Catherine Palace

12.30-13.30 driving to another suburb of St Petersburg –Peterhof

13.30-14.30 lunch time (optional)

14.30-16.00 walking in the Lower park of Peterhof enjoying beautiful fountains

16.00-17.00 driving back to the city

What is included in the tour:

  • escort by car from St Petersburg to Pushkin and Peterhof;
  • tour accompanied by an English-speaking guide;
  • entry-fee to the palaces
  • blanket visa (so called tour ticket for cruise passenger) and all port fees

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