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Duration 5 hours
Price 90$

One-Day Tour GrandPetersburg

Availability: except Wednesday.

What you will do:

  • travel around the city by car;
  • take photos of the highlights of Saint-Petersburg;
  • explore the smallest island of the city and Saint-Peter and Paul’s Cathedral;
  • visit Saint Isaac’s Cathedral;
  • enjoy visiting the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood.

What to expect from a one-day tour to St Petersburg

For one day trip in St Petersburg you will have time to visit excellent places. Explore St Nicholas Naval Cathedral that is the finest example of the Baroque architectural style in Russia. You learn why the Cathedral is called Naval and how the appearance of the Russian Empress Elizabeth could influence the exterior of the Cathedral. You will know what the major landmarks are in the history of Russian Navy.

Passing by Mariinsky Theatre you will appreciate one of the most famous opera and ballet theatres in the world. You will know how the dress of the Empress Maria influenced the interior of the theatre. Why the Emperor Nicholas II rarely stayed in the Imperial Box of the theatre. What was the unusual way of improving the acoustics of the orchestra pit was. You will hear the world-spread names of the ballet dancers and opera singers.

Stop and enjoying picturesque view of the Neva’s embankments from the Quay with Sphinxes. These unique monuments are 3500 years old and were delivered to St Petersburg from Egypt.

A one-day tour also includes a walk around The point of Vasilievsky Island, that is the legendary architectural complex serving as the famous postcard-view of the city.

Explore Peter and Paul Fortress. The first city fortress has given the birth to the city and to the Russian Empire on the whole. What the well-known gesture in Russia which means “drinking alcohol” is and how it is related to the fortress. You will know that is the true that walruses come to sunbathe on the beach near the Fortress. You will learn the family tree of the royal dynasty in Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral. Having been the tallest building in the city for a very long time, this Cathedral became a burial vault for the Romanov Royal family.

Passing the Cabin of Peter the Great you will know how much time it took to build this wooden house, which survived through the centuries up to the present time.

Take photos of the legendary cruiser, the symbol of the Socialist Revolution of the 1917, which participated in both World Wars.

During a St Petersburg day trip, pass by the Summer Garden, which is the oldest park in the city founded by Peter the Great just the next year after the city foundation.

Find out the facts about Saint Michael’s Castle. The story of the castle where the Russian Emperor Paul I lived only several days is still shrouded in mystery. You will recognize the age of Paul I when he died.

Enjoy breathtaking view of the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood the place where the Russia Tsar-liberator was assassinated.

All this you will see for a day trip to St Petersburg — the northern capital of Russia.

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