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Duration 4 hours
Price 85$

St Petersburg of Fedor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky is the most famous Russian writers. He was a genius who explored and understood human psychology in the troubled political, social and spiritual atmosphere of the 19th century. Now, more than a hundred years after his death, people all over the world are greatly interested in his novels, his biography and his personality.

Dostoevsky was born in Moscow where he spent the first 16 years of his life, but St Petersburg became the city of his life. His most important novels were written here, the majority of his characters lived in our city and above all the city itself became a real character of his novels. Dostoevsky never lived in or described in his works any of aristocratic areas of St Petersburg such as Nevsky Prospect or Palace Square; his city is the city of poor clerks, the city of poor and homeless people. These areas are never included into ordinary sightseeing tours but tourists show a special interest now though they have greatly changed since the time of Dostoevsky.

Places we are passing and talking about

  • a walking tour of the so-called Dostoevsky area, that is in the area Sadovaya street;
  • a short metro ride (one stop);
  • tour of Dostoevsky’s apartment museum;
  • visit to the Vladimirskaya Church;
  • one more metro ride (2 stops);
  • visit Tikhvinskoe cemetery at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. It’s a very special grave yard where a lot of the most famous Russian writers, musicians, painters…

Duration: 4 hours.

Price: 85 USD.


  • The tour is available all week long except Monday and official holidays.
  • On Thursday the tour will be conducted without a visit to Alexander Nevsky grave yard.
  • Entrance fee is not included.

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