The city of three revolutions

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Duration 5 hours
Price 120$

The city of three revolutions

In the early 20th century Russia endured several revolutions waged against the Tsarist autocracy. The old regime fell and gave rise to a new formation, the Soviet Union. This unique experiment or a tragic mistake took away lives of more than 20 million people. All the Russian revolutions took place in Saint Petersburg. Take this tour to try understand what the «Soviet era» is. Discover the traces of Russian revolutions that had effect on the course of history of Russia and the entire world.

We are passing and talking about

  • visit the State Museum of political history of Russia;
  • visit the Cruiser Aurora;
  • over the Neva on the Liteyniy bridge;
  • the building occupied by the Federal Security Service of Russia in Saint-Petersburg, the former building of KGB;
  • Vosstaniya Square, also known as Uprising Square.

Duration: 5 hours.

Price: 120 USD.

N.B. High active level, entrance fee is not included.

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